After a temporary absence the clothing bin at St Andrew's op shop is back and ready for donations.

Last year, the clothing bin outside the op shop at St Andrew's was taken away after it was abused by thieves.

Penny Gavan, who works at the shop, says she had installed cameras and watched footage showing people climbing in the bin, ripping open bags and taking what they wanted.

"I was going to upload the videos to Facebook but these people might have kids and I didn't want anything to fall on the kids from their parents' actions and behaviour."


Penny says the new bin has been created differently and there will now be no way for people to climb into the bin.

"We had teenagers sleeping in the bin. We'd often find a bed made out of clothes." Penny says.

In the last couple months before the shop closed over Christmas break, Penny and the staff at St Andrews were emptying the bin everyday.

"Since people had rummaged through the bags of clothes in the bins, good donatable clothes were mixed with clothes that weren't suitable for sale, which put more effort and pressure onto us."

Penny says she is saddened by the minority of people who take advantage of the shop.

"Everyone deserves to have something nice. We supply people with things that they need. We help the primary schools as I never want kids to have to miss out on school camps and other opportunities."

Penny asks people to make sure the items being donated are clean and donatable.

"We sometimes get clothes with paint all over them, or shoes that have been ripped to shreds. It takes our time away from the people who come into the shop when we have to go through the clothes and make sure they're donatable."


Penny says that during the break, people have contacted her asking when the shop will be open.

"We have amazing donations and lots of people supporting us. I'm very thankful for all the support we get."

The shop has reopened and is taking donations. Bric-a-brac and furniture can come in during the shop hours and clothing can be put in the clothing bin at any time. They are also looking for more staff.

"The shop is a social haven for people. People get excited when they see what they can get for affordable prices."