A student from Canada is currently in Taranaki hoping to talk to people about their views on oil and gas extraction in the area.

Anna Bettini, originally from Milan in Italy is an anthropology PhD candidate from the University of Alberta in Canada.

Anna says she is in Taranaki to carry out research fieldwork for her doctoral topic which looks at the social and cultural impacts of extractive practices in the region.

She says this includes the dynamics created within communities and the different points of view from those who see a benefit in continuing fossil fuel extraction and/or work in the industry and those who are not as in favour or have a different view on it.


"I aim to explore a variety of themes, from the changes that have been occurring, the possible problems that may have been arisen and affected community members, how local land and natural resources management strategies have been adapted, considering also elements of environmental degradation."

Anna says she wants to look at how the ways in which we relate to our landscape can change as the landscape itself does.

"With extractive industries having occurred for so long in Taranaki, I find it of interest to know what people's perceptions are in general, and how their sense of belonging may or may not have been shaped through the years."

Whether people simply live or work close to oil and gas facilities or work in the field themselves, Anna says their opinion will help with her research.

"Anyone with an opinion on oil and gas extraction in their area is welcome to talk to me. Anonymity is guaranteed and interviews will take about an hour. I can arrange to do them at a time and place which suits you." All participants will be given a $15 gift card as a thanks for their time.

To find out more, contact Anna on 027 231 1478 or email her: bettini@ualberta.ca