Dozens of pigs, rabbits, goats and possums met their fate during the Toko School Pig Hunt.

Held over Labour Weekend, the weather was perfect for the successful event. In the kids' section there were 91 rabbit, hare, possum and goat head entries. There were 78 pigs entries, and 31 pigs were weighed in on the day.

The event also featured entertainment, with flights from Precision Helicopters, a bouncy castle, obstacle course and lolly scramble keeping the kids busy.

¦ Toko School Pig Hunt Results 2018: ? Kids — Goat head — Ruby Jordan (1st) 75.9cm, Ash Hawkins (2nd) 75.8cm and Gus Waite (3rd) 71.9cm. Kids — Big Three (rabbit, hare possum)- Charlie Wisnewski (1st) 12.5kg, Sam Watson (2nd) 11.9kg and Caleb Dunn (3rd)11.7kg.
? Heaviest boar — Brett Collett (1st) 116.2kg, Craig Watson (2nd) 83.4kg,


Michael Johnston (3rd) 71.8kg, Wayne Baldock (4th) 66.2kg and Jack Jordan (5th) 64.4kg. Average weight winner: Matt Fabish 48.2kg. Lower average: Cordel Greenhill 47.6kg, upper average: Leighton Johnston, 52.8kg. Best tusks: Bob Scott (1st), Brett Collett (2nd) and Mike Johnston (3rd).