The Stratford Community Childcare Centre has created something beautiful out of a sad subject.

The centre created a bright display of art for the Stratford Daffodil Day Committee Window Competition and won the pre-school category.

The daffodils contained within the artwork were made by both the teachers and students and were deeply personal as each one was dedicated to someone who died from cancer.
Staff member Melissa Hann was behind the dedications.

"I talked to each parent personally and asked if they wanted their child's daffodil to be general or dedicated to someone. I only expected a few dedications but there were quite a lot. It is scary to see how many people have been affected by cancer."


Melissa says it was awesome seeing everyone getting involved with the art.
"It was cool to have all the kids' work recognised."

Staff member Vicky Hintz says it was nice to create something positive out of a sad subject.

"It is a happy piece of memorabilia filled with happy things such as smiling suns, cows, the mountain and the daffodils."

Centre staff member Anna Bejie says the idea behind the centre's winning artwork was discussed among all the teachers.

"The idea was discussed at a staff meeting, all the teachers were involved with the planning and making of the display. It was really cool to see both teachers and students involved."

The display took three weeks to make.

"We had the 4-year-olds in the discovery group paint the mountain background. The 4-year-olds were learning about our mountain so it seemed fitting for them to paint it."

Vicky acknowledges all of the hard work put in by the students and teachers, so the art could be put together and she is over the moon with winning the category.


"As we are a community centre we like to be involved with community events We enter most competitions around the community and it is awesome that the kids' contribution and hard work won the category," she says.