A campaign to fund a children's book written and illustrated by two creative Stratford women has been launched.

Writer Siubhan Green and artist Helen Cloke are hoping to raise $5500 through an online Kickstarter campaign to print a book they created together, I Believe ... In Me!

Nearly $2000 of the $5500 goal has been raised so far and the pair are hoping to hit the goal by August 11.

Kickstarter is an online funding platform for projects where the total amount needs to be raised for it to be donated. Rewards are offered to people in exchange for funds.


If the goal is not met, the project is cancelled and supporters are not charged. If the goal is met, the project goes ahead, supporters are charged and receive their rewards.

Siubhan says People can pledge as little as $2 to receive a colour I Believe ... in Me! postcard or as much as $250 to receive two books and a personalised watercolour illustration painted by Helen.

Siubhan says the goal amount covers what has already spent on the project including the cost of paper, proofing templates and the cost of producing the books and rewards.

The book's purpose is to instil children with a sense of self belief and help inspire them to achieve what they are truly passionate about.

The story features watercolour illustrations and is set in a classroom where a teacher asks each pupil what they want to be when they grow up.

Each child talks about their dreams for the future. One little boy needs some encouragement from Mrs Pie.

To contribute to the Kickstarter campaign go to www.kickstarter.com and search for I Believe ... in Me!

The campaign ends on August 11.