A Stratford truck driver has clocked up two million kilometres in his truck Crazy Horse.

After driving the Uhlenberg Haulage's Peterbuilt 378 truck all over the North Island for 13 years, Troy clocked up the grand total on May 10 when heading to Napier.

"It's quite a long way — a lot of guys don't stay in the job long enough to get that many kilometres in one truck."

Partnered with the green fleet truck from new, Troy has been the sole driver of the truck ever since — mostly hauling LPG around the North Island.


Troy has been with the company for 16 years and loves his job, hitting the road for up to 70 hours per week — usually heading off at around 1am and getting home at around 2pm.

He has not had any major incidents in the truck which has fared pretty well, needing only one engine rebuild during that time — "It always gets me home — it's never let me down."
Troy says the truck's inability to miss a beat comes down to him being a steady driver but also having bosses who were willing to spend money on Crazy Horse as well as good fleet mechanics.

Since hitting the two million kilometre mark, Troy has nearly clocked up another 20,000 kilometres and doesn't plan on swapping Crazy Horse for a new truck anytime soon.

"You get attached to your truck, I probably spend more time with the truck then I do at home. I just like the older trucks because they a have a lot more character."

Director Daryl Uhlenberg says while Crazy Horse is not the first truck in the fleet to break the two million mark, it is the first to get there with only one driver.

He says it is rare to have one driver clocking that much mileage in one truck and it was a testament to Troy's skill and professionalism.

"He is a really humble guy with a really steady driving style. The truck is in perfect condition as Troy is extremely fussy — always keeping it clean and tidy."