Just a few weeks ago, it felt like the world came to a standstill for a few hours, as the wedding of Meghan and Harry took place in England.

One of the biggest wedding events of the decade (next to his brother's wedding of course) and all eyes were on a wee four and three year old.

As I watched Princess Charlotte and Prince George walk their new aunty down the aisle I couldn't help but think about my niece and nephew and the part they would play in my wedding.

Would I dress Zachary (three) in a full suit? Or suspenders and an adorable bow tie. Would Violet (two) be in a white dress like me. Or the same colour as the bridesmaids? Or a stand-out colour of her own?


I feel like this is the part of my future wedding planning that I need to point out how very, very single I am and how this is the ramblings of a soon-to-be crazy cat lady! But a good royal wedding does this to us doesn't it?

Imagining what could be. Or reminiscing what your big day was like. Memories of something forgotten, like when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip and someone lost the royal bouquet. Or Kate marrying Prince William when someone else stole the show *cough* Pippa *cough* or the Markle family debacle, but what is a wedding without a bit of family drama?

So as I sat there, champagne in hand, tiara on head, surrounded by British flags and royal wedding decorations, I wondered about my own future wedding and when I might meet my Prince. What family drama I might encounter and could I get away with a 5m veil.

One thing I promise you though, you better believe I'll be having a horse-drawn cart parade down Broadway on the day!

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