Stratford residents are asking wherefore art their Romeo this week as he, and Juliet take a short break from their performing duties in the town's famous glockenspiel.
Stratford District Council communications officer, Alicia Cameron, says the glockenspiel has been vandalised with the resultant damage creating technical issues and meaning the play cannot go on until it is fixed.
She says the vandalism has been taking place over the past few weeks, which caused the clock to run slow. When council officers investigated the slow clock, they discovered the balcony doors had been partially blocked by the vandals, with part of the workings of the glockenspiel being damaged as a result.
She says repairs are in progress and the glockenspiel should be in working order within the next week.
Steps are in place to limit the risk of this issue happening again, says Alicia and it is hoped Romeo and Juliet will be able to continue acting out their love story soon.