An 8-year-old Stratford boy is on a crusade to teach sign language.

Noah Waite posted videos on his mum's Facebook page every day last week to help people pick up basic words and draw attention to New Zealand Sign Language Week.

Noah lives with his two brothers Lance, 7, and Josh, 3, and their deaf parents Chanelle and Chris Waite and started learning sign at nine months. The children use sign language at home to communicate to their parents and Noah's godmother, Monique, who is also deaf.

Noah enjoys teaching his friends at St Joseph's School basic sign language so they can communicate with his mum when she drops or picks him up from school.


Noah says he would love to see more parents at school who can use sign language too.

"I don't like to see Mum feel left out. Some parents can do sign from learning from my mum."

Noah sometimes needs to help his mum at the shops if she cannot understand, or people refuse to communicate on paper.

"I can see mum is sometimes frustrated, as some people have no respect for her when she tries to talk to people. I would love to see more people try some basic sign language. It's not that hard. It is easy.

"Mum is cool, She can do anything like us.

"Sign language is cool and fun. It could be great if people joined in and learnt with us."

Chanelle says she is proud of Noah and his efforts to make the videos and help her out.
" I really appreciate his support."