When the lawlessness of the wild west comes across a sheriff with a life of law and order, you can expect conflict.

This is exactly what will be on Stratford High School's stage in their upcoming production, Buckshot and Blossoms.
Buckshot and Blossoms is a western equipped with all the usual villains, superheroes, goldmines and of course, the shootouts. The play is directed by drama teacher Angela Roberts who says there were no casting issues except for the fact there was more talent than roles.

"We have a very talented cast. It's all about finding a great mix of personalities to bring out and make the characters."

Buckshot and Blossoms is about a wild-west town and what happens to it when the law turns up.


For Jack Peach, 17, who plays the main character of Johnny Wright, this isn't his first time on the stage. Last year Jack was cast in the Cue Theatre's play, Plaza Suite. Jack says he wants to pursue a career in acting after he finishes school.

"I have a great relationship with all the cast and they are very supportive. I think this play will put me in the best position to pursue a career in acting."

Boston Taylor, 16, takes to the stage as Whiplash, the villain of the play.

"I took part in the school production Meet the Creeps last year and it was loaded with fun. My favourite moment of being involved in this play is definitely getting to know everyone."

Renee Murphy, 16, who plays Pearl, has enjoyed being a part of the team and the atmosphere of the play.

"The play is coming along smoothly but as expected there has been some challenges. The whole process such as learning lines has been a challenge, but everything is coming together, and the end-product will be a great play the community will enjoy."

Mayor Norton is played by Connor Giblin, 17, who also starred in last year's production Meet the Creeps.

"Every person involved in this play is very accepting which creates the feeling of a family among the cast and other help. It's a great environment to be a part of."

Buckshot and Blossoms: Performed in the Stratford High School Hall May 16-18. Tickets cost $5.