Perhaps it was remorse.

Whatever the reason, a man who claims to have caused thousands of dollars of damage during a window-smashing spree dobbed himself in.

Police have confirmed a man was arrested after calling police early last Thursday morning, saying he was responsible for smashing windows of two buildings in Patea.

Police were unable to provide more details of the man's motivations, but confirmed several windows were smashed at Patea Library Plus, forcing it to close while remnants of glass were swept up and panes were replaced. It is not yet known when it might re-open.


A sliding glass door was smashed at Patea Dairy and Food, owner Ritesh Patel has to have replaced.

"I noticed it in the morning at about 5.30am. [Assistant] Prane came into open the shop for us and then he called me — my wife and I came in and there was glass everywhere," Mr Patel said.

"It was very worrying. It took three hours to replace it and it will cost us nearly $400." Mr Patel said the property was not entered.

"In two and a half years here, nothing like this has happened. I think they wanted to only do damage," he said. "Sometimes we get vandalism here, but not this bad."

He said the incident had got him thinking about security, but he praised the Patea community.

"So many customers came in and said "this is no good for our town" and one man was talking with me and told the police for us. It was good community support."