The owners of an Okato petrol station were lucky not to get hurt after a car came through the building's front door.
The service station, around 25km south of New Plymouth was open at the time of the incident.
Kevin and Karen Smith were standing near the front door of the Okato Service Station when a car smashed through the sliding door, narrowly missing the pair.
Kevin said he was unsure why the car went through the window, but it gave them a fright.
"We had the car come through the door - lucky it didn't hit anybody. We have never had anything like that happen before and hope nothing like that happens again.
"The noise was bloody terrible.. I could feel the glass whacking on my leg."
Police attended the incident which happened this morning at around 8.15.
The car owner was able to drive away from the scene and was unharmed.
"It was just a very lucky accident," said Kevin.