The shelves of Eltham Community Food Bank are looking a lot fuller, thanks to a donation from Chorus.

Chorus property manager Gareth Phillips says when Fonterra asked to use the land at Chorus's Eltham Exchange for an event they were hosting, Chorus decided to put the fee that Fonterra paid to good use.

" We know people struggle as this time of year when the post-Christmas bills start rolling in."

Gareth says the Chorus team at New Plymouth enjoyed shopping for the Eltham Food Bank.


"It is not often you get to spend so much on groceries at one time."

He says the shopping was done with advice from the Food Bank team about what items to buy.

Senior delivery specialist for Chorus, Bruce Vanner, says the shop was certainly a change from his usual work day.

"My job is about making sure that our network is connecting our communities and helping out the Eltham Community Food Bank really is an extension of that. It was great to be able to put the fee to such good use."