A new generation of Rotary supporters are being called forward with the creation of the new Rotary Satellite Club of Stratford.

Daniel Stieller, chairman of the group, says he looks forward to spreading awareness about the service organisation which brings together people with a common passion for community, humanitarian aid and education.

In January, the 24-year-old Stratford District Council customer service officer was sponsored by the Stratford Rotary Club and council to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in Wellington.

The leadership programme was co-ordinated by Rotary to further develop young adults' leadership skills. Described by Daniel as a once in a lifetime opportunity, it inspired him to help establish a new generation of community volunteers.


Daniel says he looks forward to making a difference with the club through charity work as well as raising awareness of what Rotary does in the community.

The Stratford Rotary Club was established in 1943 and is mentoring the new satellite club.

Daniel says the new club has 12 members and is looking for more. He says younger people often didn't join Rotary groups as they thought it was just for the older generation.

"Anybody of any age can join our club. We are focusing on community but our first goal is to raise some money and we will go from there."

Stratford Rotary Club president Barrie Smith says Daniel was picked to attend the recent leadership programme as he has potential to go further into leadership roles.

He says Rotary has been experiencing a dwindling membership and setting up satellite clubs was a new concept to breathe new life into the organisation. The new group will have their own rules - within the wider guidance of the Rotary principles - and Barrie would be their mentor.

He is excited and happy to see Rotary will be having a renewed presence in the community.

"They are a very enthusiastic group and it's all about supporting our community - Rotary has always been about that."


The new club is meeting every second Thursday night. For details including time and venue, contact via email rotarystratford@gmail.com. The next meeting is on August 17.