"This is an op-shop for everyone. Everyone is welcome."

The St Andrews Op-Shop in Stratford has been running for four years, giving back to the community by donating to various schools.

People are encouraged to donate items they no longer need, which are then put up for sale. No price tags are attached, as shoppers are asked to simply make a donation when they want an item.

Penny Gavan, the op-shop's chief volunteer, says the shop is meant to benefit everyone.


"All the money goes back to Stratford. Anyone can come in and buy clothes without breaking the bank."

Currently, Penny and the other volunteers are rasing funds to donate to Stratford Primary School for their school camps.

In the past, the shop has supported schools in the community by donating scooters and helmets.

• The Op-Shop is open Tuesday and Thursday 10am-1pm and is in the church hall on Regan/Miranda Street.

They welcome donations of any kind such as clothing, books, sheets, plates and other saleable items.

To donate you can either drop items in on opening hours or pop them in the donation box after hours.