The Stratford CBD will soon become home to a new multimillion dollar commercial development.

"We're proud Stratford locals," says Jason Kowalewski, of Kowalewski Development Ltd. "We're building this space to encourage growth and ensure the town has a bright future."

Kowalewski Development Ltd, owned by Jason and his father David, will undertake one of the biggest commercial developments in the CBD in years.

The company has bought adjacent four buildings in central Broadway, stretching from the old Carriers Building (south of Paper Plus) to where The Scratching Post is currently located. The development would involve demolition of the four buildings to make way for eight new commercial spaces in the heart of Stratford's CBD.


Development is not new to the family who built Stratford's most recent motel, Amity Court in 2009.

"We saw a gap in the accommodation market and built the motel. This has fuelled our passion to continue to look for opportunities to contribute to Stratford's economic growth to ensure a great and thriving community for future generations to live in," says David.

The new development also closely aligns with and addresses some of the issues highlighted in the Stratford District Council's Stratford 2035 project that is currently out for consultation.

"It's great news that the Kowalewski family is intending to undertake such a development," Mayor Neil Volzke says." It's the perfect example of 'Making It Real,' Stratford 2035 project's tagline. It's certainly the type of commercial investment we are seeking to promote the future of Stratford."

The Stratford 2035 project includes the updated Stratford economic development strategy, the Future of Broadway concept plan and issues papers on the district plan review and the future of Whangamomona.

"The Council's Stratford 2035 project is very encouraging and there are some great synergies with our development and the Future of Broadway Project," says Jason.

The Future of Broadway and Kowalewski developments both look to make Prospero Place more visible from Broadway, enticing traffic to stop, and continuing to build a cultural hub for visitors and the community. Team Architects of New Plymouth have been working on the drawings for Kowalewski Developments. The developers' preference is to have the ANZ building removed as it is inconsistent with their objective of opening up Prospero Place and creating an attractive town square visible from Broadway.

"Our development can go ahead with the ANZ building staying as it is, however it is not ideal. The future of that building is up to the Council who are the owners," says Jason.


Mayor Volzke says a decision has not been made yet as to the future of the ANZ building.

"It is up to Council to decide on the future of the ANZ building and we will consider this in due course."