A newlywed bride snapped with her husband and a group of patched Black Power gang members says the photo will be a great story to tell their children.

In the picture, Sarah and Matthew Oke are seen posing in what would be a traditional wedding photo - if it weren't for the 20 strong group of Black Power gang members gathered behind them giving a one-arm salute.

On Facebook, Mrs Oke described the photographers as "incredibly creative" and said she would treasure the pictures they took at her wedding forever.

"The guys in the photo were so respectful and very kind," she said of the Black Power members in the photo.


"They congratulated us and told me how beautiful I looked. Was a very cool experience and something we will share with our children."

The photographers, Rebecca Inns and her husband Jordan, said the unique snap was taken after a chance meeting with the gang members at Lucy's Gully, near Oakura.

"The rain had just cleared and we were enjoying a lovely sunny wedding shoot," Ms Inns wrote on Facebook.

"As we headed back to the cars we came across a very full carpark and the guys were there as part of a hikoi around the mountain to pay respects to those passed away.

"It was going to take a while to get our cars out so Jordan asked if it would be OK to include them in a wedding photo.

"They were really accommodating and had a discussion among themselves and after some discussion they decided that it would be fine... this is the result."

Ms Inns has been in the photography business for about nine years.

The 31-year-old, based in New Plymouth, said she only had the one photo of the bride and groom with the group.

Ms Inns told the Herald the couple had opted to take their wedding photos before exchanging vows. As a result, she only had time to snap one photo of the couple with the group. "It was just a random photo ... we had to get back in time for the ceremony."

They had originally planned to keep the image for the bride and groom, she said, but were then given permission to share it.

Ms Inns said she was fielding calls from all over and had been in touch with the newlyweds, who were overwhelmed at the response to their unique image.

The picture, which has been liked on Facebook more than 3000 times, has attracted hundreds of comments with some calling it the best photo ever.

"This has got to be the best spur of the moment randomly awesome wedding shot ever," wrote one Facebook user.

"This is the best wedding photo I've seen in my life," wrote another.