Brian Darth Funeral Services welcome Gordon Blewett to the team, Gordon is an award winning, qualified stonemason with over 20 years' experience having commenced in the trade in 1992.

Gordon has been working for various monumentalists since obtaining his qualification in Monumental Masonry, Stone Masonry and Terrazzo Industry in 1997 whilst winning an award from the New Zealand Stone Masons Association for stone design while he was still an apprentice.

Gordon has spent many years perfecting his craft and art strongly believing in his work as a stonemason, and has at times seen families try and refurbish headstones themselves, while some have been successful some have caused irreversible damage.

Gordon takes pride in seeing headstones taken care of, if you are thinking you would like your loved ones headstone remodelled, reshaped, refurbished, repaired, cleaned or maybe the letters repainted then please let us know and we can organise Gordon to do this on your behalf.


A headstone is a monument to the memory of a loved one as well as a piece of family history, therefore it is important that all stonework is treated with absolute respect and dignity and all the work that is required, is carried out by someone who is highly skilled and qualified to do so.

When Gordon doesn't have any monumental work that needs to be carried out you may see him maintaining our funeral home and grounds.

If you are considering any masonry work, whether or not Brian Darth Funeral Services arranged the funeral service, please don't hesitate to give us a call to arrange a time to come down and talk with us, we will happily guide you through the process.

Please always allow a minimum of 4 weeks for monumental work to be completed, this allows for the stones to be ordered and received, the inscription to be completed and for the installation to happen.

Brian Darth Funeral Services, the only funeral director and stonemason team to live locally in Stratford.

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