The ANZ bank building was one of the winners when the Stratford District Council held its 2015 -2025 long-term plan deliberations on Thursday, with the decision to instruct staff to negotiate a suitable lease with ANZ rather than demolish the building.

This was based on the feedback received through the submissions process, with 51 submissions received on the subject, 28 of which indicated a preference for the lease to be continued rather than the building demolished.

The library was another winner, with the commitment being made to spend up to $1 million for needed repairs and renovations along with making it appealing and more user friendly for current and future users.

A lack of submissions regarding the future of Broadway and Prospero Place frustrated councillors, with John Sandford highlighting that there were no submissions received from shop owners in the area. "The Business Association hasn't put anything in either." Councillor John Campbell echoed the concern, saying it would be throwing money away if they proceeded without any buy-in from the businesses.


With councillors in agreement that they should follow the feedback from submitters, which reflected a desire to see Broadway developed, they also agreed that the start need not be immediate. John Sandford appealed for the way forward to not include "any more bloody consultants ... they are useless"

Still on the subject of Broadway, council officers were instructed to bring back a report to Council on the future of the lights on the trees on Broadway South with options for them.

50 submitters gave feedback on the speeding up of replacement of water and waste water pipes, with 47 indicating a preference for doing it, and councillors gave the project the green light to go ahead.

Submitters also came out heavily in favour of adding to the Council farm, with 46 ticks for yes, and 6 for not adding to it. The purchase of the neighbouring farm will now go ahead at a cost of $2.7 million.

A submission by NgaRuahine asked Council to make a stronger recognition of a partnership with iwi in the long term plan and to commit to working with iwi to help inform policy and project development. Councillors agreed on the importance of growing relationships with iwi and instructed staff to begin work on a variety of consultations and representation conversations with all four local iwi.

A range of submissions on the subject of fluoride in the water supply were also received, with many of them being in favour of fluoridation being continued. Council staff were instructed to respond to all submitters on the subject informing them that the Stratford water supply will continue to be fluoridated to Ministry of Health standards, while noting that the smaller two plants in Toko and Midhirst are not fluoridated.