Reality television shows have a lot to answer for, says personal trainer Dane Carr, who is out to change how people perceive personal trainers, one happy client at a time.

"People think personal trainers are going to yell at you, push you until you're physically sick with the effort and make you feel bad about yourself. That isn't me at all, I am here to motivate, to encourage and to work with you to get yourself to where you want to be."

Dane qualified as a personal trainer in 2009, making it his full-time career in 2013. "Since I first qualified, I have seen some change in the industry and am proud to be part of that change. My focus is on each individual client, with the onus on positives, not negatives."

Dane now works out of the Lions Den Gym and Fitness Centre on Juliet Street in Stratford, and offers clients a range of services. "Some people want a fitness assessment, to see where they are at, others take the fitness assessment but also have me draw up a personalised development programme for them, while others book me for one-on-one sessions for half an hour or an hour at a time."


While some clients are high performance athletes looking to keep themselves at the top of their field, others are students or people looking to just get themselves back into shape. "It doesn't have to be intimidating, I am here to work with you to build your functional strength and tone your body to how you want it." Dane enjoys working with the wide range of clients who come through the doors of the Lions Den, saying his favourite type of client "is anyone who is keen and puts the work in on their own time as well as in their time with me".

With motivation at the heart of Dane's work, the 25-year-old says he is pleased to have joined forces with the Lions Den Gym and Fitness Centre. "Their philosophy matches mine, it is about motivation and working towards your own goals. When I do an assessment, I don't try to make you collapse with exhaustion by the end - that doesn't achieve anything - I look at how you move, what you can and can't do, and that helps me work out the best plan for each individual to safely work towards their goals."

Dane encourages anyone who is interested in finding out more about the services he offers, to make an appointment to see him, or to visit the Lions Den and see what the gym and fitness centre can offer.