Police commissioner Mike Bush was in Stratford last week visiting Ttaki Youth Inc on Friday, March 20.

Chairman of the Ttaki Youth Inc board, Shaun Keenan, says the purpose of the visit was for him to see "first hand" the successful partnership which has been operating between police and Ttaki Youth Inc, providing a positive youth space and pro-actively supporting youth and their families in the Stratford and surrounding areas.

The commissioner saw all the facilities at the site, including the recently opened gym, The Lions Den Gym and Fitness Centre, which is now open to the public.

Commissioner Bush also met with staff and some board members, telling them he was impressed by all he had seen of the organisation and facilities. He added the Ttaki Youth Inc trust aligns well with the police's Prevention First Policy.


He congratulated staff on their achievements in creating such a successful and positive facility, making special mention of the contribution constable Simon Howard has made to the success of the trust.

He added that he regards the Trust as a national example of what can be achieved in partnership with the police in supporting youth and preventing victimisation and said that he would be encouraging other youth trusts to benchmark against Ttaki Youth Inc.