The announcement of the Education Budget has seen it receive some criticism from school support staff who feel undervalued by the lack of recognition given to their work.

Some support staff say they feel underappreciated as they have not been acknowledged adequately in the budget.

New Zealand Education Institute Te Riu Roa president, Judith Nowotarski says the minimal rise in schools' operations grant simply meets the projected rates of inflation in 2014 and therefore does not equate to a rise in real terms.

Support staff in schools are being paid as little as $15.03 an hour, despite the fact the living wage in New Zealand has been calculated at $18.40 an hour.


Judith adds, "The Government by not lifting the operations grant adequately is directly responsible for the low pay of support staff.

"It should recognise this important group of people and pay them a decent and living wage."

Judith outlines the contribution support staff members make to a school. Schools cannot function without them, she states, as they carry out vital administrative work as well as teach some of the most vulnerable children.