St Patrick's School Inglewood's Room 1 last week had a close-up of the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter hangar.

Teacher Sonia Rova says the visit was to conclude their work following previous visits to school of the helicopter, mountaineer Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson and his sister Debra Avery and the team from Close Up.

To conclude all our work in this unit my class wanted to see the helicopters 'bedroom' and also see the equipment they use. The children left inspired and motivated as the learning was relevant and also real.

She says the class had all barely gotten out of the cars when ushered up onto the hill to watch as the helicopter was about to land.


"This was an awesome yet windy and noisy surprise.

They were shown some of the equipment used, given a brief tour on the helicopter and inside the search and rescue room.

As we were about to leave the helicopter could take off again to assist somewhere else. It was an amazing and informative visit."