A major influx of second-hand goods into the St Andrew's Presbyterian Church opshop means more help is needed to extend opening hours.

Reverend John Mattock says the closure of clothing bins around the town means people were donating most of their stuff to the Miranda St opshop, which has a large bin out the front for drop-offs.

"But we have had so many donations — people have been really generous — I have just built two racks. There is more stock out the back than actually in the shop.

"Most of it is good quality, and people drop clothing, bric-a-brac — everything."


John says more volunteer helpers are needed to open beyond the current open days of Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 1pm. He says it's not a huge job and requires helpers to "just be there" and serve people who come in.

The opshop was set up to cater for people who were struggling in the community and most things were priced very low — at around $1 per item. Money raised by the shop went back into community, going towards things like school camps.

John says they have been having some people stealing things from the bin, which means they are going to put a camera above it to monitor activity and ensure donations are safe.

He urged people who needed help to just pop in and ask if they were struggling.

"If people come in and can't afford to pay for things — just come and talk to us."