We all have those days where we talk negatively to ourselves about our weight, appearance or attitude and it can really drain you mentally and physically.

We would never say such mean things to our friends or anybody else… so why do we do we do it to ourselves?

Many people suffer in silence and bully themselves into a sad state by not being able to embrace themselves the way they are

So this week on Girls On Top, Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor get down to the nitty-gritty of how they've tackled body issues and are taking control of how they think about themselves.


"We had the wonderful Hilary Barry on recently and she said that she never wears togs to the beach and I was just so shocked by that because I guess what we do is that we all have a sense, and I believe we are all guilty of it, of actually looking at other women (and men) and going 'well what do you have to worry about you skinny b*tch?'" says Brodie.

"We are getting better at it because everyone has their own issues and insecurities and I don't think, in this world we live in, we will ever shake that. I just don't. But we can go a long way in trying to tell people to do things to (help them) with their own mind, body and soul to love themselves more and go, 'I am not defined by this fat roll hanging over my jeans."

Gracie adds: "It is such a mental thing to get over, but it is a physical thing to get over as well. You are trying to tell yourself that you are beautiful and great but then you can't even convince yourself that you are actually amazing. It is a weird cycle."

Caitlin agrees, adding: "And we always convince everyone else - all of our friends. If my friend ever spoke to herself the way that I speak to myself, I would be crushed. I would be like 'please don't, that makes me so upset.' But then I do it to myself every day so it's a double standard."

"I just think these days the pressure is so much more intense now," Brodie continues. "I mean everywhere you look there are beautiful bikini bodies and Photoshop and pressure to look a particular way. If I could eliminate all those bloody magazines from saying 'Khloe Kardashian loses 6 kilos in 3 minutes'... that's what winds me up."

Other topics include what makes someone a good kisser and how to not be a judgemental 'eco-warrior'.

Listen to the full episode below: