A horrific and illegal shot has drawn the ire of MMA fight fans across the globe.

Boston Salmon earned the victory, snapping a two-fight losing streak, despite laying on the canvas out cold with blood trickling down his face.

His opponent Shawn West rocked Salmon with a devastating right hand before launching across the cage and launching a hellacious knee to his head, despite Salmon being still down on the canvas.

The nasty shot opened up a cut under Salmon's left eye. He was seeing stars as the referee pulled West away and rightly awarded the victory to Salmon.


"This is hard to watch. What a rough athletic endeavour MMA is. My God. Hope he is okay," MMA journalist Sean Sheehan wrote.

"Goodness," USA Today reporter Mike Bohn wrote.

"Oh my God," Chamatkar Sandhu wrote.

The rules in MMA regarding grounded fighters state that to be grounded, both hands palm or fist down, and/or any other body part other than feet must be touching the fighting area floor. At this time, kicks or knees to the head will not be allowed.