The world stops for the spectacle that is the Super Bowl but within the package is so many moments of brilliance.

While the game itself captivates, from the spectacle pre-game to the halftime show, there is something for everyone.

Arguably the aspect of the Super Bowl that everyone can get behind is the ads and they have delivered once again.

The cost is again incredibly high with this year's 30 second commercials costing up to a whopping $AU8.3 million for 30 seconds ($US5.6m), it can often be worth it with the ads going viral online.


While there were several brilliant commercials this year — from Jeep's Bill Murray Groundhog Day, the creepy Brian Cranston Mountain Dew ad and many more — one of the surprise packets was for Rocket Mortgage with Aquaman and Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa relaxing.

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Starting as he drives into his home with paparazzi clamouring for photos, Momoa drives up to his house.

"What does home mean to me? It's my sanctuary," he says. "It's the one place I can let me guard down."

But as he walks into his house, he begins to remove his muscles, revealing thin arms and tiny torso.

He then removes the wig before picking up a slide guitar as the voiceover comes in.

While it hadn't made the rounds as much before the Super Bowl, fans were divided over the new look for the star.

While it has divided fans of the chiselled star, it has definitely worked for the company.


It has already been seen over 1.4m times on YouTube and about the same on Twitter and Facebook combined.

It was also trending on Twitter during the Super Bowl.

It's not bad for an ad trying to make getting a mortgage sexy — or unsexy as it may be.