The internet often wildly fluctuates from being the worst to the best but today NFL made sure it was a glorious place to be.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott at the centre of yesterday's festivities, becoming an instant meme after his unique warm up routine went viral.

The Cowboys star was going through the motions warming up for the game against the Minnesota Vikings before he was caught on camera loosening up his hips.

While the game went on to be an instant classic with the Vikings hanging on for a 28-24 win, Prescott's odd warm up hip thrusts were the real winner.


To be fair, it seems to be a warm up unique to Prescott with the commentators laughing but explaining the QB opening the right hip and then whipping the left hip is "where he gets all his power".

The NBC footage quickly went viral as #DakDancesToAnything was born with the internet taking it from there.

Beyonce got a run as did Justin Bieber, Shakira and multitude of other artists.

Check out some of's favourites.

His teammate Ezekiel Elliott also made fun of his warm up as the QB tried to loosen up his shoulders.