Corinna Schumacher has given her first interview since her husband's 2013 skiing injury, praising the Formula One legend for encouraging her love of horseriding.

Mrs Schumacher told Mercedes' She Magazine that her husband predicted their daughter, Gina, would become a champion horserider.

Premium gold

She said it wouldn't have happened had he not bought her a Swiss ranch for their 10th wedding anniversary in 2005, where she keeps 40 horses.

"I don't forget who I have to thank for this. That would be my husband Michael," she said.


Gina Schumacher won a gold medal with the German team this year in the Reining European Championships in Switzerland.

"When my husband told me that one day Gina would be much better than me, I was not thrilled," Mrs Schumacher said.

"What do you mean by that? I work with horses from morning to night, trying to learn everything," she said to him.

The Formula One star said that his wife was "too nice" whereas Gina "could say no sometimes".

Gina Schumacher also spoke to the magazine, saying her father taught her from an early age that her dream of being a horseriding champion would be even harder than rising to the top of the Formula One scene.

"When you drive a car, you can stick it in the garage afterwards. But a horse needs to be looked after all the time, even on Sundays," Gina recalls her father telling her.

The Schumachers are set to appear in a documentary about the Formula One icon later this year. The film was made to mark Schumacher's 50th birthday and the 25th anniversary of his first world title victory.

Schumacher has not been seen since December 2013 after suffering a head injury while skiing and is reported to be receiving care at the family home in Switzerland.


In January the notoriously private family gave an update on his condition.

"You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and that we are doing everything humanly possible to help him," they said in a statement. "Please understand we are following Michael's wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health, as it has always been, in privacy."

In addition to Gina Schumacher's horseriding achievements, her brother Mick Schumacher has found success following his Formula Two debut this year.