Bad tattoos and the UFC go hand-in-hand.

Almost every fighter that enters the Octagon has one tattoo that has either left fans scratching their heads or poking fun at them.

Unfortunately for one super fan, his hero has turned the tables and made fun of his latest offering.

Kiwi fighter Mark Hunt has his fair share of tattoos encompassing his body, but he also knows a bad tattoo when he sees one.


Famous for delivering devastating blows to his opponents in the ring, this review has surely floored his fan and left him questioning the decision.

A big fan of the Super Samoan had a caricature inked onto his left arm and, clearly happy with the work he has had done, decided to share the image.

Hunt offered a blunt message to the fan in question and also stated the tattoo artist deserved a "hiding" for what he had done.

"Listen kids, I love the thought and it's flattering but please check with your parents and make sure the tattoo artist is good, because f**kmeded who ever did this tattoo needs a hiding for putting this on someone's skin."

Hunt captioned the image on Instagram.

While some fans were quick to point out the horrible look of the tattoo, plenty of others came to the defence of the fan and showed their appreciation for the ink.

"This is awesomely done. Not everybody wants portraiture tattoos," one commenter said.

You have to feel for the fan who had the artwork of his hero done only for it to be picked apart and ridiculed by the man himself.

Fans were quick to point out the fact that one of the feet has three toes, while the other has four.

"What part of the body is it on? Is that an arm or leg lol OMG look at Marks feet hahahaha. Jesus be his tattoo remover lol" said one commenter.

"Mate you want to get your left leg looked at, knee looks f***ed to me lol" another added.

Thankfully a majority of the comments were quick to show their love for the work.

"Lol ragging on a fan that was dedicated enough to get a tatt of you?! I think he should get a second one! Of Fabricio KO'ing you" one commenter came to the rescue of the fan.

"It's an old school traditional vintage style tattoo of you man. Be flattered and appreciated the person who did this in your honour.

"It's actually pretty cool."

Unfortunately for this fan tattoos don't come with great return policies.