Following his defeat to Floyd Mayweather in their much-hyped Las Vegas fight, Conor McGregor has mostly remained his usual gregarious self.

However his disappointment in having lost has been laid bare in a newly-emerged video clip of the aftermath to the extraordinary bout.

In it, the Irish MMA champion apologises to UFC president Dana White, one of the main orchestrators of the encounter, for his defeat.

McGregor, sat in the corner of his dressing room, surrounded by cameras, quietly says sorry to White after being stopped by Mayweather in the 11th round.


White immediately gives McGregor a conciliatory hug, and says: "Be proud, I'm telling you, you're unbelievable".

McGregor then manages to shake off his downbeat mood in order to share a whiskey with his training crew and support staff.

Having never boxed professionally before, McGregor took on unbeaten former world champion Mayweather in a fight surrounded by months of hype.

Mayweather saw off his challenger and retired for a second time, with a professional boxing record of 50 wins to zero defeats.