Summer of Aths Grand Prix, AIS Track and Field Centre, Canberra,

11 March: Joseph Millar, followed up his wind assisted 10.11 100m the previous week at the Auckland championships with a legal personal best 100m of 10.24 (-0.1) in finishing third in the A race. This sets Millar up well for an exciting 100m/200m double at the national championships in Hamilton and the Australian championships two weeks later in Sydney.

Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.68 (+0.6) (3A), Kelsey Berryman 100m 11.84 (6A). Abby Goldie 100m 11.98 (+1.5) (2B). Brooke Somerfield 100m 12.76 (-0.5) (4C). Scott Walker 100m 10.75 (+1.3) =PB (5C). Zac Topping 100m 10.78 (+1.4) (7B). Michael Cochrane 400m H 51.64 (2). Nick Southgate PV 5.20m (3).

Para-Athlete; Anna Steven T44 100m 16.17 (+1.5) (5), LJ 3.46m (0.0) (6). William ONeill T35 100m 14.43 (-0.2) (7). Keegan Pitcher T36 400m 57.93 (5).

12 March: Joseph Millar was back in action on day two of the meeting with a personal best 200m of 20.68 (+1.1) (2) also coming a week after a wind assisted 20.57. William Smart 200m 21.60 (+1.1) (7). Zoe Hobbs 200m 24.14 (+1.5) (6). Brad Mathas 800m 1:49.04 (2). Mariah Ririnui LJ 6.37m (+2.7) (4) also 6.30m (+0.7). Kelsey Berryman LJ 6.28m (+2.2) (6) also 6.16m (+1.1). Tori Peeters JT 49.09m (3). Laura Overton JT 45.35m (6). Michael Cochrane 110m H 14.16 (+4.0) (4). Hamish Gill LJ 7.36m )+1.7) (8). Benjamin Langton-Burnell JT 77.12m (2). 4 x 100m relay (Abby Goldie, Zoe Hobbs, Kelsey Berryman, Mackenzie Keenan) 45.85 (1). 4 x 100m relay (Scott Walker, Joseph Millar, Hamish Gill, Zach Topping) 40.74 (2).

Para-Athlete; Anna Steven T44 3kg SP 6.36m (4). Holly Robinson F46 JT 41.12m (1, 7 in the competition). Keegan Pitcher T36 800m 2:23.17 (5).

Victoria Championships, Albert Park Melbourne, 3/5 March: Portia Bing 200m 24.63 (+1.1) (2), SP 13.09m (2). Angie Petty 800m 2:03.02 (1), heats 2:02.75 (1h1). Ellen Schaef 800m 2:08.36n (6). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 59.51 (1). Anna Percy 400m H 60.86 (3). Kelsey Berryman LJ 6.15m (0.0) (2).


North Harbour Bays Throwers Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, 11 March: Alexander Parkinson DT 54.15m. Nick Hailes 7.26kg HT 46.36m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 66.35m, 6kg HT 57.55m. Isaac Vaeau Mulitalo 5kg HT 45.52m PB, 1.5kg DT 41.49m. Jayden Williams 4kg HT 47.56m PB, 5kg HT 37.28m. Suluama Vaeau Mulitalo DT 32.09m PB and 3kg HT 35.98m PB. Savannah Scheen 3kg HT 46.75m.

Auckland City Athletics Club Night, Mt Smart Stadium, 8 March: 1500m: Nick Moulai 3:50.73 PB, Michael Vercoe-Curtis 3:51.19, Isaiah Priddey 3:51 35 PB Ben Moynihan 3:52.01, Peter Wheeler 3:53.22 PB Aidan Askin 3:55.44, Steven Langdon 3:55.47 PB Ben Musson 3:57.58 PB. Auckland 5000m championship: Jono Jackson 14:49.18, Mike Banks 14:52.44, Jonny McKee 15:16.98. Women; Olivia Burne 16:34.92, Grace Wood 18:33.97. U/18; Murdoch McIntyre 15:02.67. U/20; Joe Clark 15:26.80, Andrew Catley 15:40.78. Dare Oye 100m 11.65 (-0.4). Marshall Hall DT 53.30m. Siositina Hakeai DT 54.54m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain - 11 March 2017

Michael Goldie 100m 11.18 (+0.3). Kyle Trollip 400m 52.11.


Otago Secondary Schools Championships, Caledonian Ground - 10/11 March 2017

Records set: Nathan Hill SB 1500m 4:04.07 and 3000m 8:43.71, breaking Daniel Balchins 2008 record of 8:57.33. Josh Hou U/14 B 1500m 4:29.19 and 3000m 9:42.30. Jackson Toms U/15 B LJ 5.94m (+1.5) and TJ 12.43m (+0.2). Alex Brown SB 3000m RW 16:32.75, sliced over a minute off his own record. Ethan Walker U/15 B 700g JT 48.72m. Zharna Beattie U/15 G 3kg SP 11.99m and 1kg DT 36.52m. Hamish Mears U/16 B 5kg SP 13.75m and 1.25kg DT 47.59m. Hannah Ashton U/16 G HJ 1.62m. Jack East U/15 B 400m 52.09. Zoe Smith U/14 G 800m 2:23.78 and 1500m 4:47.97. Dominic Morrison U/15 B 800m 2:06.34. Drew Cairney U/16 B 3000m 8:57.79. Sammy Burke SG 3000m 10:13.36. Cameron Moffitt U/14 B 80m H 11.80. Tara McNally U/16 G 300m H 46.48.

Athletics Otago Quickfire Meeting, Caledonian Ground - 12 March 2017

Todd Bates HT 49.71m, Mike Scholten HT 41.86m, Mayce Ballantyne HT 44.00m. Hamish Mears 1.5kg DT 41.20m. Anna Grimaldi T47 LJ 4.88m (NWI).


Southland Schools Championships, Surrey Park - 10 March 2017

Dylan Forde 800m 1:58.99. Adam Norman LJ 6.42m (+0.2), TJ 12.67m (-2.5). Andrew Allan LJ 6.36m (0.0) PB, TJ 12.98m (-1.3). Dannika Collins 100m 12.92 (+1.6). Emma Ryan 100m 12.96 (+2.5), DT 33.58m. Emma McColl LJ 5.33m (+1.3) PB. Anna Skerritt TJ 10.15m (-2.2), 3kg SP 11.85m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 3kg HT 45.81m. Jessica Senior 500g JT 31.31m.


The 40th Annual Gate River 15km Run, Jacksonville FL, 11 March: Rochelle Sceats-Basil 56:20 (37) (5km splits 18:14, 18:48, 19:18).

USA Indoors

NCAA Div 1 Indoor Champs, College Station, Texas, 10-11 March 2017

Matthew Baxter Men 5000m 14:08.28 (14) after losing shoe at 2000m. Torie Owers Women shot put 16.07 (12).



Kaiteriteri Gold Half Marathon, 11 March: Phil Costley 1:18:39, Stephen Blackwell 1:23:31, Andre Bonny 1:26:08. Megan Craig 1:30:14, Anna Archie 1:38:33, Kerry Semmens 1:40:32. Walk; Dave Leahy 2:16:13. Bronwyn Boyd 2:52:18. 10km; Mark Sinclair 40:28, Gill Mead (UK) 41:49. Walk; Peter Hague 60:59. Julia Ford 53:48.

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