Eddie Jones has found an innovative way to drive England to the top of world rugby - using drone cameras to watch training from the skies.

England used drones for the first time at their Pennyhill Park training base on Tuesday afternoon, allowing Jones to analyse his team's set-up in real-time as he strives for tactical perfection.

Jones said: 'The drone is fantastic for us. It's another piece of technology that helps us accelerate the programme, allows us to have another piece of vision that sees how well we work off the ball and in rugby, work off the ball is just so important.'

England enlisted the help of Spider Aerial Filming, a company that specialises in impressive aerial shots for high-budget television shows such as Downton Abbey.


Spider brought a van full of drones - which can cost around £3,000 each - and other specialist equipment to the England training base on Tuesday.

Coaches were able to watch a live recording from the drones on a 19-inch LED television monitor at the side of the pitch.

England are not the only rugby team to use this method of analysis.

Saracens also use drones to view running lines and team shape.