Athletics New Zealand's anticipating a funding boost for Tokyo following their four medals in Rio.

The athletics team scooped three bronze and a silver at the Games, doubling their expectations.

Chairwoman Annette Purvis says they'll be presenting a case for more than the eight million dollars they received after the London Olympics.

She says they'll be arguing what they can deliver both financially and systematically.


Purvis says they'll be looking to maintain programmes and structures that provide opportunity.

Athletics New Zealand remain adamant they should hold the cards when it comes to funding distribution.

High Performance New Zealand boss Alex Baumann has suggested funding may be distributed to individual athletes, rather than the national bodies.

It's a model already being used to some extent with canoeists Luuka Jones and Mike Dawson, and shooter Natalie Rooney receiving their own funding.

However Purvis says that wouldn't sit well with them as they allocate funding based on which athlete can deliver what in the campaign.