Folksam Grand Prix, Karlstad, 27 July: Lucy Oliver who will be competing in the 5000m at the Rio Olympic Games was fourth in the 1500m in 4:15.96.


Besigheimer Abendsportfest, Besigheim, 27 July: Eliza McCartney PV 4.50m (1).

International Meeting, Mannheim, 29 July: Angie Petty 400m 54.15 PB (5), fastest time in two years and takes her into the top 20 New Zealand women all time.


Voor Mon, Kessel-Lo, 30 July: Julia Ratcliffe HT 70.12m (1).


Le Cheile, Leixlip, 30 July: Katherine Marshall 800m 2:04.12 (1).


Swiss Alpine Marathon K78, 30 July: Vajin Armstrong in his fourth attempt and after a second and third in recent years, won the race in 6:25:23, 16 minutes ahead of Evgenii Glyva of Ukraine. Eleven New Zealanders took part in the race.


Sunshine Coast Winter Carnival, Sippy Downs Queensland, 24 July: Stuart Farquhar JT 78.39m (1).

Queensland State Cross Country Championships, Maleny Golf Course, 30 July: Harry McLean U/18 6km 21:23 (1).


Palmerston North Winter Series, 31 July: Scott Thomson TJ 14.87m (+1.8), Anna Thomson TJ 12.17m (+2.3). Zac Topping 200m 23.23 (-4.8). Matthew Taylor 1000m 2:37.15, Stefan Przychodzko 1000m 2:43.24. David Lovelock 5000m 15:32.82. Jack Beatson 5kg HT 42.35m. Tessa Webb 3000m 10:21.19 mx. Lea Muetzel HJ 1.60m.


Papanui Toc H Lakeside Relay, Lake Roto Kohatu - 30 July 2016

Christchurch Avon team of Matthew Dryden, Cameron Clark, Cameron Swales, Cameron Avery and Sean Eustace were the fastest mens team from University and Papanui Toc H. Sean Eustace ran the fastest individual time for the two laps of 2.5km of 15:57. Cameron Avery was the next best with 16:00. The Port Hills team of Louise Daly, Niva Chittock, Sarah McClure and Liliana Braun won the womens relay on time from Christchurch Avon and University. Liliana Braun was the quickest in 19:09, with Amelia Persson clocking 19:18. Christchurch Avon was the best of the master men with Chris Mardon the best lap of 16:36. Port Hills had the fastest master womens time with Julieana Findlay recording 20:32.


Peninsula Relay, Portobello Domain - 30 July 2016

Caversham were the fastest for the six lap 29.5km relay in 1:40:20 from Hill City University 1:45:03 and Leith 1:49:28. Fastest laps 1, 4.3km Alex Dodds 14:08, Bella Bloomfield 17:34; 2, 3.2km Sam Bremer 13:35, Chrostine Montgomery 18:29; 3, 5.4km Ken McDonald 16:13, Bridget Thompson 20:19; 4, 4.0km Sam Hopper 13:17, Hanna English 15:20; 5, 5.6km Jake Jackson-Grammer 18:28, Emily Morris 24:59; 6, 7.0km Blair Martin 22:50, Julie Edmunds 31:32.


Outstanding Otago coach Lin Rayner QSM died on Wednesday 27 July 2016 aged 91. He received the Queens Service Medal in the 2005 New Year Honours for services to the community and in 2006 received an Otago Service to Sport Award. Rayner was a Life Member of the former St Kilda Athletic Club now Ariki Athletic and Harrier Club. He guided Dick Taylers early career and also coached Max Smith who still holds the New Zealand under 20 mile record of 4:01.15. He was Patron of the Caledonian Society of Otago.



Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 27 July: Gene Rand 16:45, Gavin Butler 17:04, Jan Steenkamp 17:58. Christine Adamson 20:43.

Cornwall Park, Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Conal Wilson 17:59, James Wharton 18:28, Sam Turner 18:49. Grace Wood 19:24.

Barry Curtis Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Mark Stewart 18:51, Matthew Stewart 19:00.

Millwater Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Brad Luiten 16:39, Daniel Shaw 17:18, Bryan Perrow 19:07.

Western Springs Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Will Alexander 17:35, Peter Dunlop 18:45, Teresa Adam 19:24.


Lake Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Mike Causer 17:20, Michael Robinson 17:31, Matthew Hillary 17:59.


Anderson Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Lucas Duross 15:49, Bradley Christison 16:56, Nikola Sobocanec 19:05. Kylie Allison 20:52.


Lower Hutt Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Philip Opie 17:26, Paul Barwick 17:44, Jeff Culver 17:46. Ariana Harper 19:01.


Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Stephen Blackwell 17:32, Robbie Barnes 18:38, Jess Barnes 19:59.


Hagley Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Tim Rabone 17:42, Neil Christian 18:18, Malcolm Cornelius 18:40. Shannon-Leigh Walker 20:11.

Pegasus Parkrun 5km, 30 July: Hamish Hargest 17:57, Stacey Garrett 19:13, John Marshall 19:15. Angela Whyte 19:36.

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