When Mark Hunt enters the Octagon tomorrow to fight Brock Lesnar at UFC 200, he'll be sporting his trademark blonde-tipped hairstyle.

It's not just for looks either. Just like biblical figure Samson whose supernatural strength came from his hair, Hunt has revealed why he always enters a fight with a fresh rinse.

"I spent about 10 years (fighting) in Japan," Hunt told Penthouse Australia.

"(There's) a program called Dragon Ball Z, I used to watch. I used to love it.


"(Characters in the show) were called the Super Saiyans. I was nicknamed the Saiyan Master over in Japan but they started nicknaming me the Super Samoan because of my heritage and because I loved watching that cartoon.

"When the Super Saiyans would go and fight their hair would go white and they would turn into super powers and that's my little gimmick."

In a revealing interview with the men's magazine, Hunt also told the stories behind each of his tattoos. He has traditional Samoan ink on both of his arms and another large pattern on his left shoulder which he used to "cover up a girl's name".

He has "Oceania Super Fighter" - the name of a gym he used to run - printed on his left forearm, underneath the Japanese characters for "Samoan Monster".

"In Chinese it says 'strange person'," Hunt laughed.

During this banner week for the UFC, news.com.au also sat down with the New Zealand-born, Australian-based heavyweight in Las Vegas to get his views on the history of the promotion.

Best pound-for-pound fighter in UFC history: "There's a lot. Probably Jon Jones. He's not been defeated."

Biggest star: "I think Brock Lesnar, look at the pull he's got. Maybe Fedor (Emelianenko) but shucks, look at the pulling power Brock's got, it's huge."


Best trashtalker: "Conor (McGregor) is the top dog at that."

Best fight: "There's been a few. Mine with Bigfoot (Silva) or Diego Sanchez against Gilbert Melendez. They just went at it hard."

Biggest upset: "It just happened: Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey. That was up there."

Best KO: "Dan Henderson against (Mike) Bisping. That was huge. That was like a bomb from hell."

Best submission: "Nate Diaz's triangle (against Kurt Pelligrino) when he started celebrating before he already got (the tap)."