Kiwi fighter Mark Hunt has been promoted to the main event slot for UFC 200 after Jon Jones v Daniel Cormier was called off due to possible doping violations.

UFC president Dana White called a press conference in Las Vegas to confirm the news and also indicated that there was still a possibility of lining up another opponent for Cormier.

"Maybe someone will pop up and fight Cormier at the last minute," White said. "Stranger things have happened.

"This sucks, I don't know what to say. It sucks. It's unfortunate. These type of things are going to happen. It could have been a lot worse."


According to White, Jones may get a two-year ban if the allegations prove correct.

There is no official confirmation about what Jones tested positive for, only that the test was conducted on June 16.

White said neither Hunt nor opponent Brock Lesnar had been informed about the drug allegations or that they are now the main event.

More to follow...