The rumoured fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continues to gain steam, but if there's any realistic chance it happens, the UFC would have to be involved.

UFC president Dana White spoke to the "Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday, addressing the speculation that McGregor and Mayweather are really going to fight.

White quickly shot down any rumours that a conversation between the two parties had already started, but did say if Mayweather is interested in facing McGregor that he's willing to take his call.

"We haven't talked about it. Conor McGregor's under contract with the UFC," White said. "If Floyd wants to fight Conor -- call me, Floyd."


Mayweather hinted a few days ago that he's the person responsible for starting the rumors that he may come out of retirement for a showdown with McGregor.

That led to McGregor perpetuating the story with a post on his Instagram page where he put out a mocked-up poster facing off with the retired pound-for-pound king in boxing.

Chances are McGregor and Mayweather aren't going to meet any time soon, but White promises if it ever happens, the UFC would definitely be in the middle of it.

"It would be a UFC thing, 100 per cent," White later said on "The Kevin and Bean Show."

The degree of control which White and the UFC may demand over the potential bout could raise friction with Mayweather, who runs his own promotion with everything weighted heavily in his favour and says his starting price for a return to the ring would be $100 million.

He is estimated to have made more than $200 million for his long-awaited superfight against Manny Pacquiao, against a best payday of about $10 million for McGregor at UFC 196.

Mayweather's bout against Pacquaio was delayed for years due to "Money's" arduous list of contractual demands, which "PacMan" took exception to as a massive star in his own right.

The fight eventually went ahead as a co-promotion between Mayweather and Top Rank (run by Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter); Mayweather v McGregor would clearly have to work as a co-promotion between Floyd and the UFC, as per White's statement.

In anticipation of Mayweather-McGregor, video editor and gaming content creator Miguel Luis, who goes by the name Shady00018 on Youtube and Twitter, took it upon himself to show the world what the match-up might look like using WWE 2K16.

The results are pretty funny:

Meanwhile, McGregor may have his return to action booked as early as next week after he sits down with White for a meeting.

White revealed on Wednesday that he's been in conversation with McGregor non-stop recently after a dust up occurred between them that led to the Irish featherweight champion being pulled from UFC 200 for refusing to do promotion for the card.

UFC 200 has now moved on to a new main event with Jon Jones facing Daniel Cormier, but White says his relationship with McGregor is perfectly fine and they will be sitting down at dinner next week to discuss his future.

"Conor and I have been talking every day. We're gonna have dinner next week. Our relationship is great. We're gonna put the little speed bump in the road behind us and move forward. Everything is great," White told "The Dan Patrick Show".

Rumours have persisted that McGregor could get his rematch with Nate Diaz as early as UFC 202, which is tentatively scheduled for August with the show likely taking place in Las Vegas.

McGregor asked for a shot at Diaz after he was submitted by the former "Ultimate Fighter" winner in their first fight in March at UFC 196.

White wouldn't commit to that date and location for McGregor's return, but it certainly sounds like a possibility.

"Sounds like a good idea to me," White said about McGregor fighting at UFC 202.

"McGregor's ready to fight on 200. The thing that has made Conor McGregor a massive star and why people love him is this kid loves to fight. He'll fight anybody, anywhere, any time. He goes in and goes for broke. His fights are exciting and fun, before, during and after them. McGregor's ready to fight.

"No deal is done for 202. We're getting together next week and we're going to figure out what's next."

McGregor has continued to train and prepare for his next fight even without a date in mind for the showdown with Diaz.

If McGregor strikes a deal with White on his return, the bout could be announced in the very near future.