Ben Stokes was understandably shattered at costing England victory in the World T20 final last month - but to this point he's admirably taken the high road.

Two of his tweets posted immediately after he was hit for four sixes on the last four balls of the match by Carlos Brathwaite were favourited a combined 27,000 times - largely because of the graciousness the English all-rounder showed.

Speaking to The Telegraph a few days after the game, Stokes continued to win admirers by speaking honestly and refusing to make excuses.

"For about 40 minutes at the end of the game I knew I just had to deal with it. I had to come back out on the field, collect my medal and listen to all the speeches," he said.


"I knew the cameras would be all over me to see how I was. Obviously I was gutted but I did not want to show that. I wanted to keep my head up.

"Disappointment is the biggest emotion now. I remember getting the medal and thinking it's just a runners-up medal. You don't want it. You want the winner's medal but then later we had two hours in the changing room and all the lads had medals around their neck and we were saying nobody can take this moment away from us. We played for our country in a World Cup final. Let's be proud of that.

"Setbacks make you want to be better again. This will be in my mind for quite a long time and I will reflect on it for a long time. It will be a little bit of motivation to make sure this does not ever happen again. So train 10 minutes longer every now and again to get better."

But what we also learnt following the match was the Stokes aren't ones to cop criticism silently.

The New Zealand-born cricketer's mother personally called a Kiwi radio station to complain about the way two hosts had been talking about her son the day after the match.

And now more than a month on, Stokes has reacted savagely to an Australian Twitter troll who disappointingly stuck the boot in when a replay of the final was played by Fox Sports on Sunday.

Given the nature of social media, Stokes must have ignored countless other negative messages since his horror day, but he wasn't going to let this go.

After noticing the well-built, heavily-tattooed users profile photograph, Stokes let rip.

It wasn't his wittiest effort - and the typos certainly stole some of the impact - but clearly his emotions got the better of him.

A quick search revealed the troll in question is actually a cricketer himself, having made headlines in the Southern Highland News for scoring a century last year.

Perhaps he can put the pads on for a net session with Stokes next time he visits Down Under?

These Stokes followers would surely like to see it.