Sebastian Vettel made his feelings towards Daniil Kvyat known in the pre-podium room by criticising the Red Bull driver for his part in the German's collision at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix.
Following a dramatic race in Shanghai, the pair were involved in an awkward heated exchange after Nico Rosberg made it three wins out of three in 2016.
Vettel collided with team-mate Kimi Raikkonen at Turn One after trying to avoid the fast-moving Red Bull of Kvyat.

'His attack was suicidal', was Vettel's assessment of the Russian's move over team radio. The German also told his team that Kvyat was driving 'like a mad man'.
Vettel, who started fourth on the grid on Sunday, went on to claim second place while Kvyat joined him on the podium by finishing third.

But following the conclusion of the race, where Rosberg eased to victory, Vettel was in no mood to forget about the incident at the Shanghai International circuit.
Clearly still frustrated with his rival, Vettel confronted him in the pre-podium holding room and criticised the Russian for his part in the collision.

The Ferrari driver accused him of flying past him on Turn One 'like a torpedo' and said 'you're lucky this time'.
In his post-race interview, a calmer Vettel explained: 'It is difficult to judge how it was from Daniil Kvyat's point of view. Kimi locked up and I went wide to overtake him, Daniil was trying to do the same thing.
'He was coming with a lot of speed into that gap. I was very surprised and Kimi was coming across. In the end I was lucky because I could continue and he could continue.
'It was a very entertaining race.'
And on his podium interview, Kvyat accepted his part in the collision on Sunday - but was pleased with his podium finish.


'Vice-versa. I had a really good start, you see the gap and go for it. It's a risky move, I agree with Seb, but I am on the podium, he's on the podium.'
On a lighter note, Daniel Ricciardo saw the funny side of the puncture he suffered when leading Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix.
The Australian moved into a surprise lead but Rosberg ultimately regained top spot when the Red Bull driver had to make a pit following his puncture.
He tweeted: 'Tore s*** up today. Literally was driving too fast for the tyre'.


'You, asking what happened at the start. If I don't go to the left then you crash into us and all three of us go out.'
'Well I was...'
'No, no "oh well". You came like a torpedo.'
'Well that's racing (laughs).'
'If I keep going down the same line, we'd crash.'
'Well don't keep going (laughs)'
'But there was another car on the left, that's why I hit the other car.'
'But you'll crash if you do it like that.'
'But we didn't.'
'No you didn't. I know it's racing but if you attack like you're crazy then you'll damage your car. You're lucky this time.'
'But I'm on the podium so it's OK. And you're on the podium...'