Athletics New Zealand Combined Events Championships, Cooks Gardens Wanganui, February 20-21

Veronica Torr of Auckland successfully defended her national senior women's heptathlon title.

Torr (28) scored her third best ever total of 5774 points, nearly 500 better than second placed Natalie Booth of Waitakere who put together a personal best score of 4294. Ariana Blackwood was third with 4105.

Torr's events were 100m H 13.62 (+3.6), HJ 1.66m, SP 13.43m, 200m 25.12 (NWI), LJ 6.10m (+0.1), JT 41.44m, 800m 2:27.26.


Portia Bing champion in 2013 and 2014 completed the first three events before failing to finish the last event on day one, the 200m.

Brent Newdick of Auckland, winner last year, won his seventh New Zealand decathlon title with a total of 7115 from 100m 11.34 (+2.6), LJ 6.85m (+3.9), SP 13.34m, HJ 1.88m, 400m 52.31, 110m H 15.83, DT 43.89m, PV 4.20m, JT 54.62m, 1500m 4:48.11. Keisuki Ushiro of Japan won with a score of 7618. Jack Henry of Canterbury was second in the championship with 6868 and Max Attwell of Canterbury third with 6219. Japan's Yuta Notoya was third overall with 6803.

Phoebe Edwards of Wellington won the junior women's title with 4873 from Auckland's Greer Noble-Tawhai 3225 and Abbey Johnston of Southland 2964. Jasmine Stanberg of Australia won the youth women's with the national title going to second placed Alexandra Hyland of Auckland on 4398. Kayla Goodwin was second with 4268 and Andrea McDowell of Southland third on 4213.

Alex Mander of Canterbury won the junior decathlon with 6978 from fellow team mate Ben Collerton 6552 and Southland's Sam Stewart 5578.

Canberra Track Classic, AIS Athletics Track - February 20

Georgia Hulls 100m 11.92 (+1.7) (7A). Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.76 (-0.4) (1B), Brooke Somerfield 12.08 (5B), Olivia Eaton 100m 12.21 (6B). Lucy Sheat 200m 23.81 (-0.2) PB (5). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 59.08 PB (4). Stephanie Wrathall JT 46.84m (3). Amanda Murphy JT 45.39m (4). Hamish Gill 100m C race 10.55 (+2.1) (1), Jordan Bolland 10.66 (2), Nick Smith 10.77 (3), Jacob Matson 10.81 (4), Jake Hurley 10.90 (5). Joseph Millar 100m A 10.33 (+0.8) (3), 200m 20.88 (+0.1) (3). Joshua Hawkins 110m H 13.97 (+0.6) (1). Michael Cochrane 400m H 49.86 (1), Cameron French 53.11 (6). Stuart Farquhar JT 78.33m (2), Ben Langton-Burnell 74.83m (5), Alex Wood 61.99m (9).

Adelaide Track Classic, South Australia Athletics Stadium - February 20

Angie Petty 800m 2:02.42 (1). Nneka Okpala TJ 13.47m (+1.5) (1). Brad Mathas 800m 1:49.93 (10). Scott Thomson TJ 14.84m (+2.2) (6).

Oceania and Australian 20km Race Walk Challenge, War Memorial Drive Adelaide - ebruary 21

Alana Barber 20km RW 1:35:29 (5). Laura Langley U/20 10km RW 52:53 (5). Quentin Rew 20km RW DQ.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Track and Field Championships, Porritt Stadium - February 20-21

James Mortimer 100m 10.75 (-0.8), 200m 21.27 (+0.9). Ethan Holman U/18 100m 11.14 (+1.1), 200m 22.89 (+0.9). Ollie Reed U/18 400m 49.94. Theunis Pieters 800m 1:53.94. Daniel Hintz U/20 800m 1:54.63, 1500m 3:51.06. Aaron Pulford 1500m 3:53.78. Isaiah Priddey 1500m 3:57.08. Michael Voss 5000m 15:21.00. Phil Simms 110m H 15.60 (+1.0), 400m H 52.93. Oliver Miller 300m H 39.50. Ryan Ballantyne 5kg SP 17.86m and 19.51m, 1.5kg DT 44.42m. Connor Bell 1.25kg DT 49.49m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 58.81m. Jade Henley-Smith 100m 12.11 (+1.5), 200m 25.23 (NWI). Jessica Hood 800m 2:18.14. Olivia Ritchie 1500m 4:47.61, 5000m 17:50.77. Deborah Paine U/20 5000m 17:36.39. Leanna Ryan 100m H 14.22 (+2.0), LJ 5.50m (+1.3). Te Rina Keenan DT 57.88m, Siositina Hakeai DT 54.67m. Marshall Hall DT 56.23m. Julia Ratcliffe HT 67.93m.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park - February 20

Saravee Sos 100m 11.32 (+2.4), 200m 22.46 (NWI). Alex Haye 400m 49.25. Yasheek Rosario 100m 11.21 (+2.5).

Round the Bays Run - February 21

Half Marathon; Nick Horspool 1:08:36, James Parsons 1:11:50, Stephen Day 1:12:31. Katie Kemp 1:16:58, Olivia Carleton 1:30:09, Michelle Law 1:32:00. 10km; Rowan Hooper 34:22, Harry Burnard 35:29, Paul Barwick 35:33. Nicole Mitchell 37:21, Lisa Turnbull 40:38, Ayesha Shafi 40:42. 6.5km; Chris McIlroy 21:04, Donal Hanratty 21:23, Hirotaka Tanimoto 21:36. Tina Harris 22:47, Alice Wilson 25:22, Jo Crawford 25:34.

Athletics Canterbury Track and Field Championships, Aorangi Stadium - February 20-21

Shannon Gearey 400m 56.06. Flora Brocherie 1500m 4:32.61 and 800m 2:13.33. Nicki McFadzien 5000m 17:04.78. Oska Inkster-Baynes 5000m 14:55.96. Kelsey Berryman 100m 11.91 (+0.1), 100m H 14.08 (-1.5), LJ 5.81m (+0.8). Fiona Morrison 100m H 13.58 (-1.5), 200m 25.16 (-1.6). Roseanne Robinson 3000m RW 14:58.04. Katie Thompson U/20 TJ 11.22m (+1.1), LJ 5.25m (+0.3). Lauren Bruce U/20 HT 55.53m and 56.17m, DT 44.03m. Anna Crawford 200m 26.31 (-2.7), 400m 58.00. Ari Graham 400m 58.40, 800m 2:12.50, 1500m 4:38.21. Lily Trotter 400m 59.52, 800m 2:13.02, 1500m 4:38.43. Tegan Duffy 300m H 46.12. James Sandilands 110m H 14.89 (-0.9).

Athletics Otago Track and Field Championships, Caledonian Ground - February 20-21

Bryn McLeod-Jones 800g JT 52.05m PB and HT 44.29m PB. Todd Bates HT 54.14m PB. Adriana Mawhinney TJ 11.33m (+2.4), Hannah Ashton (15) HJ 1.64m PB. Mayce Ballantyne HT 4kg 42.76m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 3kg HT 42.59m. Laura Overton 600g JT 44.27m. Anton Schroder 700g JT 47.24m. Ellie Duncan 300m H 47.13. Joccoaa Palmer 300m H 47.93, 100m 12.91 (+2.0), 200m 26.45 (+0.9). Shireen Crumpton (46) 3000m 10:36.93. Oliver Chignell 3000m 8:43.12. Andrew Whyte 800m 1:53.02. Felix McDonald 100m 11.74 (+1.5). Daniel O'Shea 100m 10.70 (+1.7) PB. Christina Ashton 100m 12.36 (+1.7), 200m 25.90 (+2.3). Jean Kozyniak 1500m 4:46.31. Hugh McLeod-Jones 1.75kg DT 43.31m.

Halberg Awards - February 18

Pole vaulter Eliza McCartney, who broke the world junior record in December received the SKY NEXT Emerging Talent award and a $10,000 sporting scholarship.
The award, designed to identify and assist a young athlete in their quest to become an Olympic, Paralympic and/or World Champion, and hopefully one day win the Halberg Award, was hotly contested by track cyclist Campbell Stewart, basketball player Tai Wynyard and trampolinist Dylan Schmidt. McCartney is the third female New Zealand athlete to medal at the IAAF World Junior Championships. She went on to win the silver medal at the World University Games and in December set a world junior pole vault record of 4.64m to qualify for nomination to the Rio Olympic Games.

McCartney said it was a huge honour to take the stage at the Halberg Awards.
"It means so much to me, the names of people who have won this award before, obviously they've been incredible people and sports people and what they've achieved, so it's just a huge honour," she said.

It was quite daunting having her name read out to receive the award.

"It was slightly terrifying going up for the award, I never spoke in front of that many people before so it was a bit surreal, just getting my heart rate down a little bit but it's so exciting."

It has been quite a journey so far for the 19-year-old.

"I started from almost nothing, I didn't know what I was doing and Jeremy (McColl) was just outstanding he's always believed in me and my ability and he's always said that I'd go on to do these things, and I've said I'm not sure. He's incredible and so together I guess we've worked very well."

And is a five metre vault on the horizon?

"I don't want to put a limit on it, I'm not sure but five metres that's huge, but maybe one day, that's the goal."

A vault of that magnitude would possibly see McCartney back at the Halberg Awards vying for the sportswoman of the year.

"That would be the dream to win the sports woman I guess, so hopefully I'll be back one day, if it all goes well."

Athletics was further honoured with Ashley Taylor receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. Taylor aged 83 is still involved in athletics as an official and administrator using his skills as a technical and rules expert and as a proficient financial manager. Hamilton based Taylor has for the last 60 years influenced many areas of athletics in New Zealand. As an official he was appointed an International Technical Official (the highest ranking in the sport) and attended three Commonwealth Games and four World Championship events as an ITO. He also held key officiating positions at six Oceania Championship meetings and four other international events. Taylor was president of Athletics New Zealand 1973/74 and was made a Life Member. He is also a past president 1972/75 and Life Member of Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty. He was national sprint hurdles champion in 1953 and 1954.

Taylor was pleased to assist the sport and surprised that his name was drawn for the award.

"Anyone involved in administration whatever it is you're not looking for the honours, you're just pleased to assist and co-operate to be involved and hope that yes you are making a contribution and I never for a moment envisaged that in fact that I would be the answer tonight. In fact I've really got to ask myself the question 'why me' There are hundreds of people around New Zealand who are doing just as much as what I have done, it was interesting for Philip Tataurangi to say that there were 24 nominations for this award, so why in fact should I have been the lucky one and the other 23 not able to get the nod," he said.

Taylor said that it has been an interesting 60 years of involvement.

"It's not only the people that you meet it's the opportunities, particularly once you get on to the international scene and really officiating in Europe that's a different situation, Commonwealth Games, World Championships there have been simply so many marvellous moments that I can look back over the years and say I'm pleased that I've been involved and I hope that I have made a contribution."

And the award has capped off all those years.

"It means that at this stage my involvement these days has had to reduce but I'm pleased that I've done what I have done."