Following Andy Murray's 'Get off the phone' call during his latest Australian Open win, the Herald looks back on some of the great tennis tantrums.

Mikhail Youzhny - 2015 French Open/2013 Miami tournament
Head to head. Drew blood by smashing his head with his racquet about 10 times, punishment for a poor shot. Youzhny is a repeat offender in this - he whacked his head three times and drew blood during a match at Miami's Sony Ericsson Open in 2008. Youzhny uses racquets made by Head.

Mikhail Youzhny - 2013 French Open
Gave his head a rest, and went for the the repeat chop, whacking his racquet on the ground nine times and throwing it away after losing the first set to Tommy Haas.

John McEnroe - 1981 Wimbledon
The mother of all meltdowns from the king of the tennis tantrum. Screamed the immortal line "you can't be serious" in this one. To be fair, some of the officiating back then was a little lax.'

Nick Kyrgios - 2015 Wimbledon
Laid down his tennis tool and went on a brief strike and then uttered "dirty scum" while scrapping with the umpire during a first round game.

David Nalbandian - 2012 Queens
During the final of the Wimbledon warm-up, the Argentinian viciously kicked a small hoarding into a line umpire causing a bad cut to the man's leg. Hot head Nalbandian was disqualified and did admit to making a mistake.

Serena Williams - 2009 US Open
Foot in mouth - a verbal attack of McEnroe proportions. During a semifinal against Kim Clijsters, she took exception to a foot fault call and went berserk. "I swear to God, I'm f------ going to take this f------ ball and shove it down your f------ throat, you hear that? I swear to God," was the most memorable line.

Serena Williams - 2013 US Open
Another nutty outburst from Williams, in the final against Aussie Sam Stosur. She called Greek umpire Eva Asderaki "unattractive inside"amongst many, many other things, before announcing "I truly despise you". The umpire had called a violation against Williams for a verbally hindering Stosur.

Marcos Baghdatis - 2012 Australian Open
Obliterated four racquets in an awesome display of power hitting while sitting on a chair. Some were still in their plastic wrapping.

Andy Roddick - 2008 Australian Open
Sarcasm at its very best, as Roddick lost the plot with the chair umpire. A few excerpts. "Do your job". "Do you have ears?". "I'm going to speak very slowly, so that you can understand me."

Xavier Malisse - 2005 Miami
A line call sent the Belgian over the edge. Malisse hurled himself to the ground, kicked a few items, then scream/pleaded in a strangely high pitched voice. "What did I do?". What he did do is scare a line judge, forcing the young women to find safety.