From airplane banner banter to scary World Cup ads, Daily Shorts looks at the light-hearted side of sport.

The New Zealand Sevens team visited Chelsea Football Club during their visit to Old Blighty for the London Sevens event over the week. The All Blacks Sevens went onto claim a 12th IRB series crown in London as well as taking out the event with a comeback win over Australia in the final.

In the photo above, Tim Mikkelson, bottom right, is playing the part of Chelsea goalie Petr Cech while Gilles Kaka, bottom row far left, and Scott Curry, bottom row second right, seem to be vying for the best Fernando Torres lookalike. DJ Forbes doesn't exactly make a convincing Jose Mourinho.

One for the mums
A day late but still worth it... Sports Illustrated posted a gallery of rare photos of sports figures and their mothers.


Another one for the ladies

Doing a photo shoot for the new sports wear for Bendon #BendonMan #OUA #photoshop?? #notmything??


Scary stuff

A new ad for the Chilean football side ahead of the FIFA World Cup is frightening to say the least,

to help promote a beer.

To be fair, Steven Gerrard is just one man...

Banner appears over Anfield as Manchester United fans mock Liverpool's Steven Gerrard


Putin the back of the net

Russian President Vladimir Putin joined a game of ice hockey in the weekend scoring a couple of goals. The defense really needed to wake up as he was

and no one was willing to check him into the boards. Probably because doing so would have seen that player lined against a wall.

Surfer's best wave
Surfer Mason Ho explains his perfect wave in an odd rant which would include having a woman on a boogieboard landing on his board and then something x-rated happening in a barrel before he exits with his boardies on his head. (Contains explicit language).

What a catch