"There's always a park (or two) at Auckland International Airport ... especially if you own a nice shiny Bentley!" writes Andrew Moffat of Orewa.

Hard to resist this house-selling spiel

"Embracing a slice of English romance, this esteemed waterfront landmark incites unabashed literary licence. The impressive stature of this dignified manor house presides over 2300m2 of park-like grounds down to a sandy cove within its boundaries. Ever-changing weather patterns cast an intoxicating scene which is the same yet never the same. An incredible sense of freedom pervades when early morning drifts of mist thread through elbows in the trees, seducing the body to a table-smooth sea. Surface ripples and the play of light uplift one's spirits. Fiery sunsets pave way for moonlight tiger stripes across the water. Fate has guided you to Kauri View's simple yet elegant pleasures, where you feel a little larger for just being a part of it. It is easy to visit, but hard to leave."

No laughing matter

Giggle TV is an advertising channel peppered with tired jokes that screens in small businesses across New Zealand - including pharmacies and doctor's waiting rooms. "It presents content directly from the Facebook feed of a middle-aged woman who has never encountered anyone who wasn't straight, white and aggressively ignorant," says one commenter on Sarah Wilson's blog writehanded.org. Wilson says some of the humour makes fun of mental health and sexuality and questions whether it's appropriate for a captive audience waiting to see a doctor or get medication.

Some of Giggle TV's content isn't very funny, says Sarah Wilson.
Some of Giggle TV's content isn't very funny, says Sarah Wilson.

Silicon chips? No just the sauce, please

Silicon Valley code-writers work long hours and have no time for "food". The New York Times reported that techies are scarfing down liquid meals to speed their return to the work station. The Times food editor described one product as "oat flour" washed down with "the worst glass of milk ever" and another as "pancake batter". (Source: News of the Weird)


Kenny Rogers-loving mother pulls the other one

"A friend of mine's mother used to sing 'rope and chains' to the Kenny Rogers song Reuben James," writes Sheryl Smith of Snells Beach. "We didn't have the heart to put her right."

Think before you Tweet: ACT Party Candidate for Northland, Robin Grieve, tweeted this and was rightly flamed for trying to score political points of a child's death. He then deleted the tweet and offered this half-hearted apology...

News: [Drum roll] and the nationalities that can drink the most without getting drunk are..

Good read: "I've never had a girlfriend. It's never happened. It's not like I'm not interested. I admire women. But I just cannot get on the right track," says Takashi Sakai, a 41-year-old attractive, gainfully employed heterosexual who's never had sex, one of a growing number of middle-aged Japanese men who are in similar circumstances...

Video: In this New Zealand short film an elderly woman in a nursing home is trying to send a text message to her daughter...

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