A few weeks ago, while going for a walk around One Tree Hill with a friend, a reader spotted this car in the car park. By the time they had finished their walk an hour later, the car had gone, so they never got to see what happened when the owner returned. "Can anyone put us out of our misery as to why the car was wrapped in plastic film?"

Show in need of home-grown talent

Desmond has a question: "Why is a pop song from the US being used to convince us that New Zealand's Got Talent? It would be hard to believe no New Zealand song could be found. Maybe your readers have some ideas they could give to the TV channel we all own?"

Bamboozled by nothing


Richard visited Hallensteins at Dress-Smart and from the table proudly trumpeting "Nothing Over $20" he selected a snazzy pair of pants. When the cheerful saleswoman asked for $30, he queried the price to which he was told "not everything on that table is under $20. It's selected styles only". Does "nothing" not mean "nothing" anymore?

Every last cent counts

A reader received his GlobalPlus monthly statement which showed the last item "Interest cash $0.02". He says: "I am tempted to take in an old 2c coin (no longer valid) or write a cheque for the amount to ensure no further charge is made for the period between last month's closing and payment date, especially as there is a note stating, 'Your net cash advance balance of $0.02 has an annual debit interest of 22.2 per cent with interest calculated from the date of the transaction'. I am on my way now to the bank to settle the debt quickly."