Dating Disaster:

"My recently separated brother was talked into a Connexions date by his mates. They met for coffee and her main topic of conversation was [about] how much money she was making from dealing a certain drug. Horrified brother couldn't wait to get rid... Next day he phoned the drug squad and after explanations, was given his vehicle make, model and rego, with a 'Thank You Sir, you have just eliminated yourself from our enquiries - we have that lady under surveillance.'"

Couch-travel: Why go anywhere over the Easter break when you can watch this fantastic time-lapse video of Tongariro National Park. (While you're at it, check out LIFE magazine's photo archive of New Zealand here - amazing images of soldiers, Maori culture and a idyllic outdoorsy scenes.)

It ain't magic: How to cut the woman in half trick.

Discipline: There are many reasons teacher give out detention - "calling a teacher a muggle" is one and "ongoing nonsense"...


Arty: How to draw a bunny in 9 easy steps...
Celebrity morphing mess for this week? Twenty-five year old Lindsay Lohan.

Video: If Facebook were invented in the 90s... (Yes, it's a parody) ...And if Twitter was invented in the 80s.

Video: Lips of Babel...Wait till they speak a language you know then you'll get it...

Lips Of babel from elle muliarchyk on Vimeo.