Comfort food:

A baked potato beanbag and


There is seriously a product to prevent camel toe. It looks kinda like a shoe horn and is called the Smooth Groove.



A classic

with celebrity names. Who is the most famous John? (I'd say Wayne) Donald? (I'd say Duck). This is quite addictive and best when you don't think about it too much before answering.

News: Britain's worst photographer... Fifteen minutes of fame end for earless German rabbit when he is killed by cameraman... And this tree looks like a T-Rex.

Video: A British newsreel about a ten-stone baby (well, he's 3) manages to keep remarkably upbeat despite what would be considered quite disturbing these days...

Picture this: Exotic dancers of the 1890s were more fleshy (and corseted) and short compared to the type of woman considered attractive today. What's with that horse outfit?

Science: Scroll though this uber-geeky graphic of teeny-tiny things and the incomprehensibly enormous thing and you will have experienced the scale of the universe. Even though I didn't recognise anything much smaller than the e-Coli virus or anything bigger than the sun, I did get a real sense of the vastness of the universe and timely reminder of our own utter insignificance... Wow. What a great teaching tool this would be.

Link: You called your foodie site what? (Surely, they mean 'snobs'?)

Quick clip: Time lapse pregnancy *please note this is not really how babies are born.

Video: Major iceberg action at Wilhelmina Bay, Antarctica... (make sure sound is down a bit)