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It's a hard road finding the perfect New Zealand themed T-shirt...Check out the Hunter Brothers cool kiwi designs.
Banning stuff: In New Zealand officials want to ban smoking in public (not cigarettes, but the smoking of them) but in Washington DC there's an even more idiotic anti-cheese campaign, sponsored by a group of vegans doctors.

Video: See why landings at Wellington Airport should be sold to tourists as extreme sports.
The internet hates cowardice: "Get back on board, for ----'s sake." The now infamous word barked to the Captain of the Costa Concordia by a coast guard official has gone viral and been made into a T-shirt. Read more here.
Web: is a site where people share things they'll do for $5. Mostly it's drawings or voiceovers or wacky personalised messages, but seller Cathy is onto a winning idea with this
"I'll be your girlfriend on Facebook for 10 days. I'm Cathy, a 23 year old student and I live in New York City. There's a second option by the way: If you want a few messages (3 max.) on your profile to make someone jealous that's also possible, just send me the message(s) and the Facebook-link! byebye!x "

Music: Adele's Rolling in the Deep has been covered thousands of times on YouTube and World Covers have picked seventy of those performances and cut together into one song.

Holy Merkin! First there was Vajazzling (affixing sparkly rhinestone and other bling to your pubic area) and now the latest trend in female nether-region adornment is real fox fur (and feathers). Read all about it here.


Gender: Why it's Better to be a Man. And Why it's Better to be a Woman.

Cute: Nine-year-old Julie really didn't want her hair cut, so on the day of the planned trim, she left this note for her folks...
Video: A dad introduces his 13-year-old daughter to the music delivery system know as a record. Her reaction is priceless.
Video: Every presentation you have ever attended...