A reader writes: "Year 13 are in their final week of high school, traditionally prank week. The girls at this particular school have been told what pranks are not appropriate - including egg throwing and water bombs - and have stuck to the rules. This week my daughter and her friends covered a well-liked teacher's car in Post-it notes, with a lovely message in chalk on the window. They then went to her class, told her they thought someone was going to egg her car and that they better all go there quickly to clean the egg off before it set. The teacher, followed closely by the giggling Year 13s, raced to the car park, only to find that some sad sack had removed every Post-it note, including the message on the windscreen. Suffice to say even the teacher was disappointed!"

Dance craze brings out the best of China

Air force bosses in China laid on a Gangnam Style party to help their top recruits find girlfriends. People's Army top brass selected the high-flying single 150 air force officers for the bash in Wuhan, Hubei province, as a reward for coming top of their training classes. There they met 150 local girls, specially selected as potential brides for the officers. The couples danced along to global sensation Gangnam Style, which has swept through China as one of the country's biggest hits. "It is a chance for the best of our men to let their hair down and meet women who could one day be their brides," an official said.

Small town, big crime


Andrew writes: "I would just like to thank the 'friendly' police officer in Te Awamutu who unleashed a verbal tirade at my 75-year-old parents on Tuesday this week for the horrendous crime of driving too slowly through his town while they tried to find the motel they were staying at that night. You will be pleased to know you managed to ruin the rest of their day, and the next time they look to support a small town by staying overnight, you can rest assured that it won't be Te Awamutu."

More witty signs of the times ...

Funny business:
1. Neil says his brother used to own a window-blind-business in Wanganui and his van had written on it, "Caution Blind Man Driving".

2. John in Whangarei says about 20 years ago, there was a hairdressing salon in Whangarei called Phinal Phaze. "When the lease ran out, the premises were taken over by one of those charismatic evangelical churches, the kind that is always preaching about the end of the world. They elected not to change the signage."

3. Bharat says there is a Chinese restaurant at Denarau in Nadi, Fiji, called "Wok on the Wild Side".

4. Pam remembers that while working in Wellington, her GP was Dr Crutchley and in the same building was a Mr Payne. "Yep, he was the dentist. Makes your eyes water, eh?"

Advertising: A different way to sell nappies ...

Morbid curiosity: The Celebrity Morgue has the stories of celebrities' deaths (Warning some contain photos of the deceased).

Video: Misheard lyrics....(Warning: lots of 80s songs and the occasional objectionable word)

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