Spontaneous publicity:

In case you missed it (and you really shouldn't) Bret McKenzie and Hamish Blake

on TV One's Breakfast to plug their newly released movie,

Two Little Boys



Spread the word: Meanwhile over at TV3 they are a charitable lot; helping get the word out about Lymphoma - the most common cancer for young people. What word do you hate the most?

Picture this: Vintage book covers re-worked into something a bit more twisted...(Warning: It's satire for grown-ups, people)

What's new in tools: Jaw Saw - it's the chainsaw reinvented, apparently...

Offensive dots follow-up: Want to see the cartoon picture that got The New Yorker tempararily banned from facebook? Here it is...
New favourite blog: Jesus is everywhere...
Music: Apparently this is the 21st top single of all time in NZ. I remember it well...

Science: NASA breaks down temperature information for the last 130 years in 26 seconds...
Foodie hell: Fancy-up your veges with this giant carrot pencil sharpener.

Video: Son videos mother sleepwalking then shows her and records her reaction...

Video: Danish bus company Midttrafik has made an awesome ad to sexy up their mode of transport...

Here's the translation:
(0:13) Midttrafik presents: The bus
(0:23) The bus driver is cool.
(0:25) The bus driver: I am cool.
(0:30) Top nice seats.
(0:35) Gigantic panorama windows with impressive views.
(0:41) Designer bells with cool functions.
(0:49) Free handles.
(0:51) It is big and long.
(0:55) It has its own lane.
(1:05) Yeah.
(1:07) It is street.
(1:11) And it also drives at night.
(1:16) The bus driver: I am still cool.
(1:18) Yeah. The bus is cool, so get up early tomorrow and get a good seat.
(1:24) Midttrafik. We will drive you.